Aspiralli AG acts as a system integrator in the area of industrial process automation delivering turn-key solutions for Automated Process Control Systems (APCS).

We bring together a group of experts with extensive experience in design and implementation of APCS.  Our team of skilled professionals provide comprehensive expert advice on design and implementation of comprehensive automation solutions for a wide range of industries.

Our business model involves multiple alliances with reliable business partners enabling us to cover all stages of the system life cycle.

TCH (Technology of cavitation treatment)

TCH is a technology of cavitation treatment of heavy oil, which is used to reduce the density and viscosity of heavy oil for the possibility of its transportation through pipelines, as well as to convert the cubic residue of oil refining to the standard of marine fuel.

JAKUSZ (Butadiene rubber synthezis)

Automated control system of the butadiene rubber synthesis and modification unit.

The control system works in explosive zones (Ex/ATEX). APCS is implemented on the basis of SCADA Simplicity of General Electric and Simatic controllers of Siemens.


Integration of various control systems used in technological processes for manufacturing of chemical products from composite materials.


Management system of sewage treatment plants

The system serves the main technological processes:

– mechanical wastewater treatment;

– biological treatment of wastewater;

– purification and disinfection of wastewater;

– thickening of activated sludge and mechanical dehydration of sludge.


Automatic dispatch control system

Developed and implemented:

– structured cable network;

– access control system;

– technological monitoring system and video surveillance system;

– guaranteed power system.